Dave Anderson, MS, LMHC

licensed mental health counselor

Dave holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Western Washington University, and also completed extensive Counseling Psychology coursework from City University. Dave is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is currently in private practice at Discovery Counseling Associates.

Dave has worked in the mental health field since 1984. His counseling experience with individuals and couples include Iverson Center in Seattle, Washington; Abba Counseling Services in Surrey, British Columbia; and Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services in Surrey, British Columbia. While at Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services, Dave developed a recovery group program and offered various seminars and workshops. He enjoys working with individuals and couples, utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy, longer-term psychodynamic therapy, and memory-repair techniques (including EMDR, EFT, the Healing Code, and Theophostic prayer).

Dave has been married to his wife Debra since 1973. They have three adult children, five granddaughters, and one great granddaughter. In his leisure time, Dave enjoys gardening and woodworking.



  • Relationship problems

  • Anxiety: including phobias, PTSD, etc

  • Depression

  • Grief and other adjustment issues

  • Burnout and other stress-related issues

  • Recovery from childhood and adulthood trauma, abuse, and neglect

  • Codependency, ACOA, and ACODF

  • Self esteem and self image problems

  • Personality Disorders

  • Dissociative Disorders

  • Spiritual direction and life direction

  • Pornography addiction


Intake Packet

The documents listed above are included to help clarify the nature of our relationship and what we can expect of each other. They also let you know about my background and training, my therapeutic approach, and the business aspects of my practice so that you can be an informed consumer of mental health services.

I am required by state law and professional standards to provide some of this information to each new client. Other information, I have learned over the years, simply helps a person like yourself arrive at the best possible fit between therapist and client. You are encouraged to be an active participant, deciding among treatment options and plans. That active participation begins now as you read and complete these forms. Completing them as fully as possible prior to our first session, including writing down any questions you may have and bringing them with you, will help us be productive from the outset.